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The Zion Narrows

The Narrows in Zion National Park, (near Springdale, Utah) is a section of canyon on the North Fork of the Virgin River. The hike of The Narrows is one of the premier hikes on the Colorado Plateau. The term The Narrows refers to both the through-hike of The Narrows, and to The Narrows themselves, especially the 3.6 miles (5.8 km) long section of canyon between the end of the Riverside Walk Trail and Big Spring. The Narrows lies north of, and upstream of, the main Zion Canyon. Hiking the Narrows was rated # 5 in the National Geographic ranking of America’s Best 100 Adventures.

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Things To Do While In St George

Make the most of your stay with us here at the Comfort Inn. Make sure to plan in a little extra time for some fun. You will be amazed at all the things you can do here in St George.

St. George was founded as a cotton mission in 1861 under the direction of Apostle Erastus Snow, called by Brigham Young, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church)—part of a greater church effort to become self-sufficient. While the early settlers did manage to grow cotton, it was never produced at competitive market rates; consequently, cotton farming was eventually abandoned.
At the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, Brigham Young organized the settlement of what is now Washington County, Utah.

Fearing that the war would take away the cotton supply, he began plans for raising enough in this western country to supply the needs of his people. Enough favorable reports had come to him from this warm country below the rim of the Great Basin, that he was convinced cotton could be raised successfully here. At the general church conference in Salt Lake City on October 6th, 1861, about three hundred families were “called” to the Dixie mission to promote the cotton industry. Most of the people knew nothing of this expedition until their names were read from the pulpit; but in nearly every case, they responded with good will, and made ready to leave within the month’s time allotted to them. The families were selected so as to ensure the communities the right number of farmers, masons, blacksmiths, businessmen, educators, carpenters, as needed.

The settlement was named after George A. Smith, an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Bryce Canyon National Park

The Bryce Canyon area was settled by Mormon pioneers in the 1850s and was named after Ebenezer Bryce, who homesteaded in the area in 1874.The area around Bryce Canyon became a National Monument in 1923 and was designated as a National Park in 1928. The park covers 35,835 acres (55.992 sq mi; 14,502 ha; 145.02 km2)[1] and receives relatively few visitors compared to Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon, largely due to its remote location. Read More

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The Subway In Zion

We love Zion National Park and so do many of our guests. Starting in about April going clear until November we get a large influx of guests who are staying with us and visiting Zion, Bryce Canyon and The Grand Canyon. Many of those guests are hard core hikers.

The Subway is a colloquial name for a uniquely shaped slot canyon in Zion National Park. It is located between two peaks called the North and South Guardian Angels, deep within the Left Fork of North Creek. It is part of the larger Great West Canyon system, which includes both the Left and Right Forks of North Creek.

The Subway is so named for its tube-like, undercut slot canyons. This segment of canyon is less than 0.25 miles (0.40 km) in length, but long approach and exit hikes are necessary for access.

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park gets nearly 3.5 million visitors a year. Many of those visitors are first time visitors. If you are planning on staying with us, take a couple minutes and visit the front desk and we will be happy to provide you with directions from the hotel to the park.

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8 Tips For Beginner Runners

With the St George Iron Man coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to post something about running. Running is one of the best workouts to keep you fit and healthy. It is not as hard as you think and it is one of the best ways to start your day bright and fresh. The first few days you may feel little hard, but each day that passes by, you’ll feel enthusiastic, and you will wait for tomorrow to come soon, so that you can start another new and fresh day again.
Many people have already started running and it might be a great idea to join them. If you also want to join them, then learn these 8 basic tips to start again and get fit and healthy in no time. The simple basic tips include:

1. Have a goal: If you have a goal, it keeps reminds you and motivates you until you reach it. It takes at least three to six months to reach your goal. You can have a goal to complete certain distance or run at certain time, etc. Male sure you set a goal that is attainable and reasonable.
2. Go Slow: Don’t follow strong workout regime, don’t overdo it. Sometimes you get excited and you tend to run fast, which may cause other problems later. Remember when you are training for racing you should take it slow, don’t overdo it. Like the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race.
3. Get good pair of Shoes: Shoes are very important in running; don’t hesitate to invest for a good pair of shoes. Always keep them in good condition. In case your old ones are torn out, get new ones before you start your practice. Get checked your foot type and wear only the best shoe that gives comfort to your feet.
4. Know your body limits: You should understand and listen to your body, when it is paining, thirst, body aches, and mood swings are the signs that your body needs some rest. Don’t neglect these signs, take some rest and then get medical help if required. It is ok to take a day off for practice, and give complete rest to your body.
5. Warm up: It is a good habit to warm up little bit before you start your routine. Jog or walk for few minutes before you start running. A warm up will enhances muscle flexibility. You will get more strength and will able to perform better. And also warm up can decrease the risk of injury.
6. Take complete rest and recover fast: When you feel tired, and your body needs some rest, then just stop everything for a while and give complete rest to your body and recover fast to start over you routine workout. Follow hard/easy training method. If you train hard one day, then go easy on the other day. Alternate days do hard and easy workouts to balance your body limitations.
7. Eat Properly: Runners need more energy; unless you eat properly you won’t get sufficient energy. Food gives you fuel to run for longer time. During training sessions, you must eat well, don’t do any kind of diet; you need more energy than ever when you are running a race. It doesn’t mean that you should overload yourself, eat moderately, eat well and be fit to reach your goal.
8. Treat yourself: Once in a while give yourself some reward, eat the food that you really want to eat and get things that you are waiting to have, feel happy, feel great. It helps you reach your objective sooner.

Conclusion: Follow the above mentioned eight tips to pursue your goal. Reaching your goal should be your life ambition, and to get that you need to do more hard work and put lot of effort. All these process can help you become a good athlete and help your win more races in future.


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